Monday, April 21, 2008

know your bicycle experts

bob mionske is a former competitive cyclist who represented the u.s. at the 1988 olympic games (where he finished fourth in the road race), the 1992 olympics, as well as winning the 1990 national championship road race. after retiring from racing in 1993, he coached the saturn professional cycling team for one year before heading off to law school. mionske's practice is now split between personal-injury work, representing professional athletes as an agent and other legal issues facing endurance athletes (traffic violations, contract, criminal charges, intellectual property, etc). mionske is also the author of
bicycling and the law, designed to be the primary resource for cyclists to consult when faced with a legal question. it provides readers with the knowledge to avoid many legal problems in the first place, and informs them of their rights, their responsibilities, and what steps they can take if they do encounter a legal problem.

kelby bethards, md received a bachelor of science in electrical engineering from iowa state university (1994) before obtaining an m.d. from the university of iowa college of medicine in 2000. has been a racing cyclist 'on and off' for 20 years, and when time allows, he races cat 3 and 35+. he is a team physician for two local ft collins, co, teams, and currently works family practice in multiple settings: rural, urgent care, inpatient and the like.

around town sydney brown is eclectic, adaptable and a bit hot tempered. scared of heights, but not speed. like chili peppers, and learning to like radishes too. leo. every good show needs a detective--a snoop, someone who can look inside team vehicles, get in behind closed doors, and get people to talk...and then tell all about it. we've got the best in the business: around town sydney brown has ways of making you talk. how are you gonna resist?

if you've ever seen the devil on snake alley, you'll recognize his long-time personal advisor, and exercise physiologist, dr. brendon hale. he's the devil's right-hand man, and he can be yours, too. are you dumb enough to doubt him?


Anonymous said...

Will we be hearing from your guest pannel of bicycle experts?
Kim are you a wizard or a prophet?


the mostly reverend said...

you know that i am! this panel of whizzers is working on a group discussion topic, as we speak.