Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bike friendly, redefined


Anonymous said...

Why don't we have Critical Mass in Des Moines?

the mostly reverend said...

there's not a mass of which to be critical.

it has been tried in the past, but it was done in a TERRIBLY ineffective manner:
riders met at the capitol at 500 pm on a friday afternoon, and--given usual des moines tradition--left about 520 to 530, and treated it like the usual des moines bar ride.
not enough cyclists in town with spines, balls and ovaries to actually jump in and tie up the traffic.

and so therefore, it died of natural--and quite embarassing--causes.

if folks wanna try it again, and be willing to risk getting all over the damned streets, i'd be for it, but lacking that, i'd rather just go ride my bike.

but speak up, if you want it.