Tuesday, November 11, 2008

KC cross nats course preview

watch the course, ingnore the music:
the good news is, the course is GREAT !
the bad news is, the music is annoying.
from a cross nats press release:
Mother Nature is setting the tone for another great National Championships this December. Today it's raining and 32 degrees! Do we want bad weather? Maybe a little! As we get closer to the event we will be sending various e-mails to you to keep you in the loop. We also encourage each of you to visit www.kccrossnationals.com to check for News and Updates on the home page. We will be announcing more hotel information, expo vendors, sponsor updates, team parking details and course updates.

Speaking of the course! A local race was held on the National Championship course two weeks ago and a Masters rider used a helmet cam to document one lap of the course.
We will be tweaking the top end of the course after the barriers, so keep in mind the course will change a little. The course is very challenging under dry conditions so try to visualize it with rain, sleet, ice and snow! You know, the usual December weather in the Midwest.

Below is the link to a four question survey. Please take a moment to participate as the data is important to the success of future events. See you when it's cold!!

Future Cyclocross Nationals Location Survey

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