Thursday, January 15, 2009

take 5 mintues to defend cycling

as you may know, i have a little radio show on kxno am-1460. it's a ball-sport station, a part of fox sports and clear channel. how i've managed to be on the air for nearly 9 months is beyond me. the show and its audience is growing, but i'm like the rodney dangerfield of hosts, and worse, cycling is the rodney dangerfield of sports and lifestyles.
example: tuesday, on the marty and miller show, a daily afternoon drivetime show [4 to 7 pm] with LOTS of listeners, they blasted the show and more importantly all folks who ride bikes in the winter.
listen here [click on "take 5 minutes to defend cycling"].
kinda pisses me off.
why don't YOU sned marty tirrell an email at and tell him how YOU feel?
tell him kim sent ya.
there's strength in numbers, you know.
[note: marty and mike are fine folks; this isn't anything personal. but they just don't get it about cycling, and THAT'S what i'm upset about.]

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