Friday, May 23, 2008

i've always said bike trails are dangerous

i received this email at, my radio show email address, and it deserves to be shared, especially in light of our recent discussions of safety, and for me personally, since a good friend of mine was the victim of a string-triggered pipe bomb on the inter-urban trail a few years ago. PLEASE exercise caution while riding on bike trails. just like wearing a helmet, the thought that one is safer while riding on a bike trail than on a city street or county road is no excuse for being constantly vigilant to your surroundings: potential danger lurks in the beauty around you.
and craig, thanks for sharing this with us.

I found out about your show through the RAGBRAI web site. I listen to your podcast, so I can listen to it over and over again. I love it. I heard this story on the Sioux City Public Radio Station KWIT this morning. I thought I would share it with you since you have been talking a lot about bicycle safety.

Craig Miller
Remsen, IA

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - An Omaha woman is warning bikers in the area to use caution after a trail prank turned dangerous for her husband. Pam Fusselman says her husband was riding his bike on the West Papio trail last week when he hit with a band of clear tape that stretched from one side of the bike trail to the other between trees. The impact sent Pam's husband flying, leaving him with a concussion, broken collarbone, broken ribs and a punctured lung.


holeyhippiegeek said...

I just had my dad read this post (he lives in Omaha near Lake Zorinsky). He said that this happened to him too (on Sunday May 11th)! He was able to see it and stop before he hit it. Yikes!

Steve Fuller said...

One good thing about my high racer recumbent, the chainring would likely cut the tape before it had a chance to take me off my bike ;)

The people that are responsible for this should be hit with the book. Assholes.

holeyhippiegeek said...

Ok, so more news from the Dad front. . . He actually spoke to the kids that did this. He emailed fox news that ran the story. . .no reply. He called the Douglas County Sheriff, who said is was an Omaha Police issue. He finally had to beg someone to take his name and info. My Dad is a formidable guy. When he talks to misbehaving kids, they usually get scared and count their blessings. However, these kids did it again! I'm pissed. Who do we need to talk to to get this taken seriously?

the mostly reverend said...

i will investigate it; can you contact me at i'd like to get more details and info.