Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the power of my microphone?

in episodes 3 and 4, i read statements from the candidates for congress in the district which includes the des moines metro area: ed fallon, the challenger, and leonard boswell, the incumbent. lest anyone think that no one listens to the kim west radio cycling show, and that what we say doesn't matter, check out this email sent out by the fallon campaign today--and then tell ME that bicyclists--and their votes--don't matter!

Ed's Personal Commitment
Ed has been riding his bike as a consistent form of transportation for years. It's his way of demonstrating his personal commitment and responsibility for reducing his carbon footprint. Here's Ed arriving by bike at his campaign office in the February snow.
Today, Congressman Boswell participated in a Bike-to-Work-Week event and included this photo in an email to constituents.

Personal commitment or photo op?

You decide!


i had the opportunity to speak with congressman boswell during his ride monday, and complained to him about the sad state of the road surface on the neal smith trail. i also asked him about the possibility of having input regarding the formulation of nationwide standards for rumblestrips, for starters. ahhh...the power of the media to shape the discourse of the campaign.


Stacy said...

Kim, Ed ask me to write you and let you know that he read, and enjoyed, your post today. More importantly, Ed agrees that the Neal Smith trail needs to be re-surfaced, and fast. He says, "it's an embarassment." He also wants you to know that he will make it a top priority to get the trails re-surface in his FIRST year in Congress.
Stacy, FFC Communications Director

the mostly reverend said...

thanks! i'm glad he read and enjoyed. i enjoyed talking with them at the obama rally tuesday night. good luck in the primary.