Friday, August 15, 2008

is the olympic cycling team selection process fair?

chris horner recently suggested that the process by which the u.s. olympic cycling team was selected is not fair, and failed to produce the best possible team. what do you think?
please leave your thoughts in the comments section, and stayed tuned for an upcoming episode of the kim west radio cycling show devoted to this very topic, which we hope will feature chris horner, members of the selection committee, and others with knowledge of the process.


Deninger said...

The letter Horner wrote in response to the Olympic team selection only stands as evidence as to why he was not chosen for the team in 2004 or 2008.
His Grade school report card probably read something like "does not play well with others."

Ken Lefler said...

The process may not be perfect and it may be political. I have no issue with Chris being upset that he was not chosen. Ock's reasons were not great either seeing as Dave Z was injured as well. The issue is he made a person attack on another rider and insinuated that he has not and can not ride at that level. That is just stupid and proves that the system works. He is a not quality person and is not worthy to represent our nation .