Wednesday, August 27, 2008

rainy day random thoughts

1--a dis-organized tour of hardin county, monday september 1. here is a map of garden city. you should be there by 800 am, and ready to roll. this is not a race, by the way. someone asked about whether to spend $$ in hardin county, and i am of two minds. the simple mind says spend what we need, collect receipts, and we'll submit the totals to the board of supervisors to let them know how much money they stand to lose from such an impromptu bike ride. we could also tell the merchants that because of their elected officials, they will not see our "green bucks" again. the more complicated, high-minded thought would be to pack and carry our own food from non-hardin county merchants and businesses. i'd rather do the simple way just this once, to prove a point. i don't really know what the point might be; it might just depend on the turnout and how the day develops. bring your still and video cameras, eh?
2--what's up with mark wyatt, anyway? suppose HE'LL show up and ride? will the IBC spokesperson ever do anything about this?
3--do you suppose we should start to worry about THIS in iowa?
4--i hope the rain ends soon.

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